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Cincinnati Emergency Roofer

For over 13+ years, Ohio has trusted one company above all others for emergency roofing services. Dynamic Restoration of Ohio will get your emergency roofing project underway quickly and have it done in as little as one day.  We will even work with your insurance carrier, helping to file your insurance claims and seeing your roof returned to its former glory!  Since 2008, we have worked to take the hassle out of your home improvement experience, with knowledgeable contractors and courteous inspection services.  Call us at 513-717-1139 today and schedule your risk-free estimate!

Emergency Roofing Services in Ohio

Though there are many weather emergencies that can cause significant damage to your Cincinnati home, smaller weather events can cause even more injury without proper maintenance. Some of the most common causes of roofing emergencies include:

  • Lack of routine maintenance to your Cincinnati roof
  • Fallen tree limbs or unattended storm debris
  • High winds shearing shingles or roof decking
  • Snow/ice buildup 
  • Improper installation by contractors or homeowners
  • Roof penetrations can cause flashing failures at key points such as vent stacks and around chimneys
  • And so much more!  Call 513-717-1139 to schedule your risk-free inspection

Regardless of the cause, call a company you trust.  With over 13+ years of experience offering emergency roofing services all over Ohio, we know how challenging it can be.  Let us take the hassle out of your experience and work with your insurance carrier.  Our team will help you file your insurance claims so your family is treated with respect and your roof is repaired promptly.

Things to remember in a roofing emergency

Dynamic Restoration of Ohio has assembled a handy guide so you are aware of some key points to remember in the event of a roofing emergency at your Cincinnati home or otherwise:

  • 1) Never go up on the roof yourself.  Call a professional and let them appraise the situation.  Personal injury or further home damage could result
  • 2) Cover up the interior using plastic sheeting to protect your home and prevent the spread of water damage.
  • 3) Inspect the roof from the ground, and make a note of any debris or possible damage from below.

If you call 513-717-1139 or fill out our brief online form, we will schedule your risk-free inspection today.  Let Dynamic Restoration of Ohio get your emergency roofing services done in as little as one day!

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